The House With the Flowers

Alyssa Manweiler

Davenport, Ia


Located in Davenport, Iowa, The House with the Flowers is a micro, urban flower farm whose mission is to provide high quality, locally and consciously-grown flowers and arrangements to the Quad Cities. We grow every single stem we offer and have a passion for creating unique, seasonal arrangements. We offer weekly bouquets at the QC Farmers’ Market and subscriptions for pick up and delivery during the growing season.

Although we grow flowers, our first priority is raising soil. We know that the best flowers begin with healthy soil. We’re committed to building a robust soil microbiome through natural and sustainable growing practices — always adding back to the earth more than we’re taking.

We use natural fertilizers, like compost and fish emulsion. To control bugs, we spray beneficial nematodes and use organza bags to protect our blooms. We hand-pick Japanese beetles off of our plants. We believe strongly in creating a safe haven for bees and other pollinators.

Being an organic farmer requires certification, paper work, inspections, and the like. As a small operation, we’re not able to handle the expense and time commitment of going through that process. But you can rest assured that we respect and care about offering you the freshest, naturally-grown flowers.