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Our seedlings are grown from selected trees known to be locally productive (and tasty!), hardy, and disease resistant.  We use absolutely no inputs like herbicides, synthetic fertilizer, fungicides, or pesticides.  The plants at this nursery are cultivated because we believe in their role in creating a more sustainable, nourished, and interconnected environment.

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Antonovka Apple – Unlike our other grafted Apple selections, the Antonovka apples are seedlings. Many trees need to be grafted in order to share the traits of their parent tree, but Antonovka are true to seed meaning that planting their seeds will produce a tree of the same variety. This delicious, Eastern European variety is sought after for baking. The apples have high levels of both sweetness and acidity. They are also good for fresh-eating (you should eat the apple once it has turned yellow, not while it is green, or it will taste sour) and can be used for cider. They are hardy and have good disease resistance. They flower midseason and are NOT self-fertile, so should be grown with another, non-sterile (aka not a triploid) variety for pollination and fruiting purposes. (USDA Zones 4-9)

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Apricot, Peach, Antonovka Apple


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