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Let us know what variety of Grape you’re interested in and we’ll have them ready for you at pick up!

And please contact us at at if you have any questions about the varieties we offer or about what plants might harmonize in your space.

Our plants are grown from selected parents known to be locally productive (and tasty!), hardy, and disease resistant.  We use absolutely no inputs like herbicides, synthetic fertilizer, fungicides, or pesticides.  The plants at this nursery are cultivated because we believe in their role in creating a more sustainable, nourished, and interconnected environment.

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Frontenac, Blue-Black (Vitis hybrid), Frontenac Gris, Bronze-Gray (Vitis hybrid), Kay Gray, Green (Vitis hybrid), LaCrosse, White (Vitis hybrid), Prairie Star, White (Vitis hybrid), St. Croix, Red-Blue (Vitis hybrid), St. Pepin, White (Vitis hybrid), Bluebell, Purple-Blue (Vitis labrusca), Concord, Blue-Purple (Vitis labrusca), Niagara, Green-White (Vitis labrusca), Swenson, Red (Vitis labrusca), Edelweiss, White (Vitis vinifera), Sabrevois, Red (Vitis vinifera)


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