Microgreens Super Salad Combo – Sowing Seed


Our top 3 crowd pleasers in one convenient living tray.

  • Purple Rain– a mild mix of brassicas including Broccoli and Kale,
  • Radish mix– hot daikon mixed with red and purple radishes
  • Rockstar– a spicy mix of brassicas including Red Mustard.

These are certified organic, living microgreens. Harvest, Rinse & Eat! Most nutritious when consumed as close to raw as possible, but can be added to almost anything from smoothies to pizza, eggs to meatloaf, and of course salads & wraps!

These trays pretty much take care of themselves, just add a little water to the bottom every 1 to 2 days. These will last about a week before they become crowded. To slow down their growth, store in the refrigerator.

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