2023 Application for Saturday market at Schwiebert Park

Vending fees are $100 per 12 month season beginning in May. Vendors may utilize as many spaces as they reasonably need.

Daily rate vending is $15 per market.

Our market supports the vital connection between local agricultural producers and consumers.  Our members only sell products that they are directly involved in the creation of: whether agricultural produce; craft; or prepared food. All crafts must feature local agricultural components (ie floral wreaths, beeswax candles, milk soap).  Vendors selling prepared foods must have at least one local agriculturally produced feature ingredient every week.  Please refer to the QCFM vendor handbook for more details.

Agricultural Products

If you are selling products that require special licensing such as eggs or dairy, the market will contact you requesting copies of licensing.

Farm inspections are mandatory for new vendors and as needed as outlined in the vendor handbook

Prepared Food Products

Details concerning prepared foods can be found in the vendor handbook

Prepared food vendors are required to have applicable licensing, the market will contact you for a copy of your current license.

Craft Items

Craft items are extremely limited as outlined in the vendor handbook, and must feature homegrown or locally sourced agricultural inputs.

By submitting application, I agree to follow all guidelines in the vendor handbook. I promise that all products sold will be homegrown and handmade.

Thank you for your interest in vending with us. Please reach out if you have any questions. email: